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Insight & Best Practices in a
Time of Uncertainty

During this time of uncertainty, we are committed to helping the benefits community with unique insight, best practices and resources for human resource strategy, employee well-being and internal communications.

Webcast Series

Business Resilience

Tracking the Continued Government Response to the Coronavirus

Health care policy expert Chris Condeluci takes a deep dive on the 3rd Stimulus Package and shares more updates from the Hill.

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Top Considerations for HR & Benefit Leaders in the Time of COVID-19

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Employees can be our greatest asset, and now more than ever, they need you to help them navigate through uncertainty.

So as you take on new, expanded roles, use this resource for:

  • Guidance around employee communication and engagement
  • Considerations in connecting employees to benefits and wellness programs
  • Additional insight into employer support resources
Community Resource Center

Resources, templates and a peer forum to help our clients navigate the impact of difficult business decisions during unprecedented times.

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Best Practices

Business Continuity

Reduce the impact from a disaster or unplanned incident and ensure  operations and core business functions are maintained.  

Workforce Reduction

Understand how to best manage reductions in your workforce while caring for your business and your employees.   


Receive guidance on how, what and when to communicate to your employees during times of uncertainty or change.

Administrative Tools

Employee Health & Benefits

Discover available coverage options and allocations that apply to situations of crisis and needs for your employees.  

Remote Workforce Management

Adjust business practices and support your employees when there is a necessary change to the workplace environment.    

Open Enrollment Planning Resources

Access Benefitfocus’ Open Enrollment Success Kit and additional resources to help OE planning after a crisis.

External Communications

FAQs & Trainings

Learn from useful trainings and answers to questions commonly asked during times of crisis and other unexpected events.

Legislation Updates & Resources

Access the most up-to-date legislation policies and resources related to national and global events and responses. 

Links to Crisis Management Resources

Get direct links to trusted organizations who provide insight and guidance for populations experiencing crisis.