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Ed Rumzis

Chief Technology Officer

Ed is our Chief Technology Officer (CTO). He joined our team in August 2022 and brings extensive experience in, and a successful track record of, building and deploying scalable revenue-generating platforms that underpin many of the large benefits outsourcing firms today. Ed is a problem solver by nature, leaning into Steve Jobs’ words: “If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.” He believes that data interoperability and collaboration will continue to drive satisfying and repeatable delivery for our customers.

Roles & Responsibilities
Ed leads the growth, evolution and innovation of our technology portfolio. He oversees our engineering, platform and cybersecurity teams.

Street Cred
Ed received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at DeVry University. He has more than 30 years of experience in the benefits administration industry, holding technology leadership positions at TIAA-CREF, Xerox (ACS), ExcellerateHRO and Hewitt Associates. Most recently, he was CTO at bswift where he expanded the scope and scale of the company’s service offerings.

Hobbies & Interests
A game of ‘two truths and a lie’ with Ed would be easy to lose since he has a professional musician, professional dancer and a classically trained opera singer in his family… but warns that these talents seemed to have skipped a generation! Ed loves running, fishing, architecture and spending time with his insanely talented family. He and his wife are blessed with six children, two grandchildren and one dog to keep them busy!

In the pursuit of perfection and excellence, Ed is driven by the idea of leaving things better than when he found them. It’s what fuels him to push harder at his work and his hobbies alike.