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Kathleen Ayers

VP, Strategic Initiatives

Kathleen “Kat” is Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, where her focus is … focus. Kat’s role is to ensure our cross-functional teams are focused on solving our customers’ most complicated problems, and that we, as a company, are executing those solutions across the organization. She sees the value of our products and their positive impact on the lives of those who use them. She loves bringing people together and Kat is focused on solving the complex challenges our customers face. She knows once the right connections are made with the right people, magic happens.

Role & Responsibilities

Kat knows that following through on our commitments is critical to the success of our customers, and execution is her specialty. Kat is an operational guru, coordinating our strategic initiatives to allow us to continue to build trust between the company and our customers. She wants our customers to know that we hear them, we understand their challenges, and we will partner with them to deliver solutions.

Street Cred

After spending more than 10 years in various operational and technical leadership roles at Blackbaud, where she led the multi-year, cross-organizational Global IT Digital Transformation, Kat did a stint in Private Equity, helping stand up and grow a new vertical from a single company with $2M in revenue, to 10 companies with $90M in revenue – all in a 12-month period. Kat graduated from Clemson University with a BS in Business Management. 

Hobbies & Interests

Kat’s been told she needs a hobby … there’s no denying her work ethic. Outside of the office, she is an avid reader, a runner, and a mom to a college-age daughter. Kat's weakness is big dogs and she loves the beach, a lake and anything outside when the temperature is above 70 degrees, such as Clemson Tigers football.


Bacon, as in, Kevin Bacon and finding the connections between people.