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Benefitfocus Environmental, Social and Governance Report

What you’ll find inside

Committed to improving our world

When you open the Benefitfocus Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)Sustainability Report you’ll discover some of the many ways Benefitfocus has chosen to implement change in our community, not only by providing better benefits, but by giving our time and attention to bettering the people and places around us. 

A commitment to data privacy and security

We apply industry-leading data privacy and cybersecurity standards in our day-to-day business. Protecting personal information is a commitment we make to our customers and associates and is an essential part of doing business.

A diverse and inclusive place to work

Benefitfocus is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive culture, in which fairness and equity help facilitate a sense of belonging. Our collective experiences make us stronger. 

Our team is guided by goodness

Integrity is a key element of our corporate culture. We place a high value on honesty, fair dealing and ethical business practices. We ask our associates to do the same.

ESG Report

Download the Benefitfocus ESG Report to learn more about how we impact and influence our community and the steps we are taking to contribute to the prosperity of current and future generations.