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Health Care Benefits Savings Calculator for Employers

As health care costs continue to rise in the midst of economic uncertainty, keeping spend in check and finding savings opportunities is mission critical.


U.S. annual health costs1


Non-government employers pay 20% of all health costs1


Specialty drug cost increase2

1CMS, National Health Expenditure Accounts 
22019 Segal Health Plan Cost Trend Survey

Proactively manage your organization’s health care costs

Consolidating your health care data into a single data warehouse, Benefitplace™ Health Insights applies AI and analytics to transform your data into a comprehensive set of tools that you and your broker, as well as your employees, can use to make smart health care decisions.

Take control of your health care spend with access to:


  • Dashboard of insights & suggested actions

  • Extensive & flexible reporting options

  • Predictive plan modeling

  • Clinical risk & compliance

  • Personalized employee decision support

Calculate your health care cost savings

Estimate how much you could save by impacting key areas of cost containment with Benefitplace™ Health Insights.

Enter your current number of covered employees.
Enter your current per employee per year (PEPY) health care cost. (avg. is $13,9061)
Enter your current PEPY health care cost trend.
Don’t know? That’s okay! The national average is 8.5% so we will default to that value.
1 AON * Any interactive tools and content are provided to you as a self-help tool and for informational purposes only. Savings and prices may vary. Offerings are subject to change.
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3 key levers for health care cost control

Data isn't just numbers. It's the power to manage your health care spending. In this infographic, see how to combat cost and complexity by pulling the right levers, including:

  1. Modifying plan design and strategy
  2. Managing your vendors
  3. Engaging employees

  • “We needed a partner that would grow with us and do whatever they could to ensure that our data would get into a solid state.”

    Tammy Fennessy, Benefits Manager, American Eagle Outfitters
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