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ADP Terms & Conditions

This App is being made available to you by, Inc. ("Benefitfocus"). You agree that these terms amend the Client Services Agreement or other similar agreement (the “Agreement”) between You and Benefitfocus governing your receipt of Benefitfocus services and that:

  1. Benefitfocus, and not ADP or AppDirect, is solely responsible for providing, maintaining, supporting and updating the Application and its associated services. Benefitfocus shall provide product support for the Application.
  2. You and your and Authorized Users' (as Authorized User is defined in the Agreement) sole and exclusive remedies shall be against Benefitfocus and not against ADP or AppDirect. Neither ADP nor AppDirect shall have liability or obligation to You or Authorized Users.
  3. You and your Authorized Users will not (i) decompile or reverse engineer the ADP Marketplace or take any other action to discover the source code or underlying ideas or algorithm of any components thereof, (ii) copy the ADP Marketplace, (iii) post, publish or create derivative works based on the ADP Marketplace, or (iv) remove any copyright notice, trade or service marks, brand names and the like from the ADP Marketplace or related documentation.
  4. ADP and AppDirect are third-party beneficiaries of the above described terms and is entitled to enforce such terms as if it each were a party to the Agreement.