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Eliminating Obstacles to Employee-Centered Benefits in the Public Sector

mission statement (noun)

  1. A formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization or individual.

Many organizations have a mission or vision for their workforce population. Along the way to achieving that mission, an organization faces different barriers or obstacles. But when you lead HR and benefits for an organization that serves hundreds of thousands of employees, those barriers can be more like moving mountains.

North Carolina State Health Plan, the agency in charge of administering benefits for North Carolina’s nearly 500,000 government workers and its population of more than 200,000 retirees, found themselves in this type of seemingly insurmountable situation. Their mission is to improve the health and health care of North Carolina teachers, state employees, retirees and their dependents, in a financially sustainable manner. With a paper-based system and the sheer volume of public servants, they were facing administrative overload, making it all the more difficult to effectively execute on their mission.

When they were faced with implementing a new legislative directive for their half a million active public servants within a nine-month time frame, they made a decision to find a partner that could help them pave a path forward.

Read the full case study to learn how the North Carolina State Health Plan partnered with Benefitfocus to  realize an employee-centered benefit strategy at scale.