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Assess for Success Employee Benefits Enrollment & Engagement Playbook

Offering a comprehensive benefits package is more than the “right thing to do.” Now, more than ever, it’s a competitive necessity – a powerful differentiator for top employers that want to demonstrate their commitment to caring for their workforce, strengthen their workforce culture and attract and retain their most valuable assets: their people.

A benefits strategy is worth “getting right,” and a careful analysis of open enrollment and other benefits activities will help you optimize your processes, plans and performance.

Ready to take an iterative approach to improving your approach? If you take the time to Assess for Success at the beginning of the plan year, you’ll be on your way to developing a winning strategy for the year ahead.

To help you meet (or even exceed!) your goals, we have created this playbook for you to use as a resource to:

  • Evaluate the performance of your most recent OE and related initiatives
  • Benchmark key metrics and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Act on key insights