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Warm Up for OE Employee Benefits Enrollment & Engagement Playbook

Open enrollment (OE) season is an annual event that brings the value of employee benefits up-front-and-center – and gives your HR team the opportunity to broadcast the hard work you do to support employees all year long. Employee benefits have become an increasingly meaningful part of the employee experience, combining with workforce culture to help define what matters most to your organization. 

But managing OE isn’t easy. The benefits landscape can be a complex place, getting more complicated every year with more options, more technology and ever-evolving policy. At the same time, your employees expect more and competition for your HR team’s time and budget is tight. 

This doesn’t mean that OE can’t be spectacular. It just means you need to work smarter, get creative and adopt best practices for planning, measuring, educating and communicating. And that’s exactly what this playbook is will help you achieve!

To help you meet (or even exceed!) your goals, we have created this playbook for you to use as a resource to:

  • Determine your open enrollment strategy.

  • Set up for measuring and benchmarking.

  • Prepare benefits education and communications materials.

  • Create an open enrollment season timeline