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Customer Success Story | ViaQuest

ViaQuest shares what their move to the Benefitfocus Platform meant for open enrollment success. 

Open enrollment success. The phrase can take many different meanings. But all benefits professionals can agree that, at a high level, it means you’ve achieved the goals set for your organization. Those goals could be anything from encouraging employees to contribute more to their health savings accounts, to reducing the number of calls you receive during OE, or simply, getting all employees to complete enrollment by a certain date.

Easier said than done, right?

Achieving those goals becomes more complicated when rolling out new initiatives or benefit plans. The team at ViaQuest, a company providing home health, hospice and behavioral health care, found itself facing such a complication. ViaQuest was implementing two major initiatives: 1) switching dental and vision vendors, and 2) pushing a new consumer-directed health plan option. At the same time, the team was spending several hours just answering employee questions, processing changes and correcting errors.

ViaQuest badly needed to remove the administrative burden and spend more time focused on strategy. So, what did they do?

Watch the video above to learn how ViaQuest transformed the open enrollment experience for their team and were able to help employees get more value from their benefits.