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Browser Support

Benefitfocus supports the following browsers:

We support the 2 most recent versions of the above browsers (unless otherwise noted). 

At Benefitfocus, we’re committed to developing web applications that go beyond the limits of traditional software. Our engineering teams make use of new capabilities available in modern, up-to-date browsers. That’s why we have made the decision to support only modern browsers, which also provide improved security and performance.

Virtual environments like Citrix® and VMware® may not fully support all of the functionality in the Benefitfocus Platform for all types of configurations. For the best experience, use the browsers on your local computer.

Browser Settings

All browsers must have cookies and JavaScript enabled to use the Benefitfocus Platform.

Notes around Chrome, Safari and unsupported browsers

Google Chrome and Apple Safari (Mac OSX only) should be 100% supported on any customer/employee facing application within the Benefitfocus platform. There are a few administrative applications that do not function properly with Chrome or Safari; however, we are actively working to resolve any remaining issues.

Users with unsupported browsers may find that some features do not function, or the application does not load.