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Guiding Principles for Data Use

Across the software industry, providers are collecting consumer data and implementing technologies to improve user interactions. At Benefitfocus, we have identified the following principles to apply to our rapidly advancing technical capabilities and data use. 


We respect all members of our ecosystem.  Information privacy and the protection of one’s personal data is incorporated into the design, development and use of our technologies. 


We strive to help our users understand the information we have, how we use it and why we use it in those ways.  It is our goal to be transparent and explain the collection and use of data, including its use in our technologies, systems and processes. 

Safety and Confidentiality

We scrutinize the technology to test that it is working as planned before deployment and we continuously monitor to ensure functions are as intended and to reduce the chance of any misuse or harm. We strive to protect the personal information of all members of our ecosystem and maintain its accuracy.  We have implemented reasonable physical, administrative and technical safeguards for the personal information we store.  These safeguards are designed to assist us in protecting the personal information we store from unauthorized access, use and disclosure.


We follow data use and technologies trends in the industry, other relevant areas of science, social sciences, and humanities to ensure our application is comprehensive and evolving.  We look internally and to others in the broader business, technology and social communities to help us react to the changing landscape in reasonable, responsible and appropriate ways. 


It is our goal that the Platform processes information in a manner in which our members expect.  Our user communities include a diverse spectrum of perspectives, and our features and functionality seek to complement all these perspectives. 


We are responsible for and have oversight over data decision-making. To maintain accountability, we have monitoring procedures and reporting mechanisms that encompass current and future state of the Platform.