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Cost-effective Benefit Decisions and Health Care Cost Control at WKU

What does a big shake up in benefits plan design look like?

Moving to full-replacement HDHPs after nearly two decades of no change. To help ease the transition, WKU relied on their partnership with Benefitfocus. What happened next? WKU realized a $2 million reduction in total health care spend in the first year of roll-out.

Download the case study to learn more about how WKU’s move led to cost-effective benefit decisions for their workforce and health care cost control for the university.

An intuitive enrollment experience combined with transparency tools gave WKU employees the guidance they needed to make smarter benefit decisions. Ultimately, 75 percent of employees saw less out-of-pocket expense under the new plans. WKU continues to show the savings by preparing year-over-year comparison statements of claims for each employee.