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Doubling HDHP Adoption at PotlatchDeltic


PotlatchDeltic prides itself on being a responsible employer that looks after its employees. Aiming to improve health outcomes and reduce expenditure for the company and its employees, PotlatchDeltic introduced a HDHP with and HSA option in 2018.

While it was important to the company that employees didn’t feel forced or pressured into choosing the HDHP/HSA option, it felt that additional education was necessary to help the workforce understand how the new plan could help them—not just the company.


The benefits team at PotlatchDeltic, led by Karyn Crosbie turned to its benefits technology partner Benefitfocus for support in achieving their goals. This included enhanced decision support and employee engagement tools through Benefitplace.

“We wanted our employees to not just choose the HDHP and HSA plan, but to feel confident they are choosing the plan that’s best for them and their families,” Crosbie explains.

To help employees see the value of the HDHP option, Benefitfocus integrated claims data into the Cost Estimator. This allowed employees to review their claims history during the enrollment process and compare the financial impact of each of their health plan options.

“Our employees liked that they could use their actual claims data from medical and Rx plans. The tool also forecasts possible future costs for them so they can see which plan will be best going forward.”

In addition, the benefits team partnered with Benefitfocus Content Management Services to redesign its Benefitplace site with plan documents, flyers, videos and helpful links to provide employees with easy access to educational resources. Working with a Benefitfocus Benefit Advisor, the team was also able to seamlessly implement supplemental benefits like critical illness, accident and hospital indemnity coverage. These plans options along with lower premiums and increasing its employer HSA contribution enabled the company to help ease any unexpected out-of-pocket expenses an employee might incur by making the switch to and HDHP.

  • Increased HDHP adoption by 100%
  • Improved employee education 
  • Enhanced benefit offerings

Download the full success story to learn more about the success PotlatchDeltic achieved by partnering with Benefitfocus.