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Streamlining Enrollment and Improving Employee Engagement at Brookdale Senior Living

A Partner in Growth

Brookdale is a company that has grown through mergers and acquisitions, but nothing as large as the merger with Emeritus Senior Living in 2014. Brookdale welcomed 30,000 Emeritus associates, increasing its workforce by more than 60 percent! The merger seemed to happen quickly, and Brookdale needed to handle the influx of benefits data and communicate effectively with its new associates.

The challenge was threefold:

1. Onboard the 30,000 associates and maintain the same high level of service current associates expected

2. Assist associates to understand their benefit options and make the appropriate selection and

3. Activate new associates’ insurance.

Brookdale’s benefits team gained access to a dedicated band of trained benefits specialists through the Benefits Service Center. During two open enrollment periods in 2015, the Benefits Service Center fielded a combined 21,000 calls from Brookdale associates.

Read the full success story to learn how Benefitplace helped Brookdale successfully achieve its goals alongside the support of the Benefits Service Center. 


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