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Level Up Employee Benefits Enrollment & Engagement Playbook

When the plan year is in full swing, employees and their families are taking advantage of their benefits and enjoying the various programs available to support their overall wellbeing, right?

Not so fast.

Most HR pros would agree that despite your best efforts to offer competitive benefits, provide cool digital resources and communicate regularly about benefits, most employees still struggle to understand, choose and use their benefits, resulting in low engagement and sub-optimal outcomes. It also reveals a benefits strategy that isn’t delivering on its promises.

Ready to take a serious look at what you can do to improve the benefits experience of both your HR team and employees? It's time to evaluate benefits technology and service partners that can help you up-level your benefits processes and program performance – and make sure that your workforce’s benefits and savings are working in sync. 

We’ve created this playbook to help guide your efforts and to serve as a resource to:  

  • Determine whether your approach to benefits administration supports your benefits strategy.
  • Identify your benefits administration pain points.
  • Review the qualities to look for in a benefits technology and service partner.
  • Select the functionality and services that meet your needs.