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Supporting Year-Round Employee Engagement

Help employees understand and maximize the value of their benefits

Employees are paying more attention to their health care and benefits more than ever before. Meet the demand for information and connect your employees to the benefits they need in the moments they need them most.

Benefitplace provides a robust suite of communication tools that enables year-round engagement, so you can help employees understand and maximize the value of their benefits.

Communicate who, what and when

Personalize your communications for specific employee groups, based on pre-defined categories and events such as benefit eligibility changes, enrollment status, demographics, recent life events and more.

On-the-go engagement

Give employees anytime access to their benefits with the Benefitplace app. It’s a convenient way to let employees securely view coverage and ID cards, update personal information, make life event changes, and more.

Multi-channel communications

Enjoy the flexibility of email, text message and push notification options that enable you to connect with employees based on their preferences.

Plug-and-play templates

Take advantage of a library of pre-built templates for benefit-specific communication and educational content designed by a team of experts. Adapt and modify messages for quick and easy delivery to support your communication strategy.

Learn more about how Benefitplace can help you boost employee engagement and improve health outcomes. Request a demo today!