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Real benefits data, real employee behavior.

Based on actual decisions made on our platform, Benefitfocus State of Employee BenefitsTM series provides a one-of-a-kind look at employee benefits trends — what plans employers are offering, which plans employees are selecting, what it's costing, and more.

Large Employer Edition

Learn how large employers (1,000+ employees) continued expanding benefit packages in 2021 to meet the needs of employees and mitigate concerns of financial stability following the onset of COVID-19.

Midsize Employer Edition 

Find out how health plans have an opportunity to help midsize employers (100-999 employees) expand benefits packages to meet evolving needs of consumers. 

Health Trends Edition

COMING SOON! Discover what's driving the costs of employer-sponsored health care. 

Get the story behind the data

Take a deeper dive into the key findings and takeaways from this year's State of Employee Benefits during this on-demand webinar.