Deliver a World-Class Benefits Experience

Give people the technology, knowledge and services they need to make better decisions and lead better lives.

A better benefits solution starts with better choices

Employees and consumers want to choose the best benefits for their personal needs. That's why we give you the ability to design a fully configurable marketplace to support more than 100 types of benefits.

Let them shop for benefits like they shop for...well, everything else

Benefitfocus BenefitsPlace™ gives consumers exclusive access to innovative, industry-leading benefit options that cover every aspect of their well-being. Plus, with our guided shopping experience and expertly-crafted content, they'll have an easier way to find what they need, when they need it, on any device.

Use the power of data to create a personalized shopping experience based on each individual’s specific needs.

Shoppers can adjust their projected health care usage to see potential cost impacts.

A simple, transparent checkout experience shows employees and members exactly what they're getting, so they can feel confident in their choices.

Help them choose the right benefits plan

Our engaging self-service solution allows employees and members to educate themselves using easy-to-understand videos and then estimate plan costs based on national benchmark data and expected usage.

people choose the wrong health plan for their situation*


annually wasted by employees due to benefit mistakes**

Put benefit transactions on autopilot

Integrate all your enrollment data into a single platform to manage your benefits program efficiently and accurately. Automate time-consuming administrative tasks while creating a simple, more convenient way for employees and members to access the coverage they need.

Never stop benefiting

Life happens. Your employees and members expect their benefits to work for them year-round. With Benefitfocus, you can be there when they need you most.


Stop throwing valuable data away

Gain access to on-demand analytics to turn claims information into actionable insights, so your business can get back to business, knowing every data point is being put to use.


of CFOs say they feel powerless when it comes to managing their company’s healthcare spending*


Benefits Analytics Platform Helps you Manage your Company's Healthcare Spending