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Smarter Dental Care


Beam is a smarter dental benefits company that offers a fundamentally unique approach to dental coverage by incorporating dental hygiene behavior into policy pricing.* All of Beam Dental's plans also include a unique member benefit of a connected, electric toothbrush** alongside two replacement heads. Because Beam handles it all, there’s no administrative burden for the employer. Beam's accompanying app makes it easy to find and access dental services with the tap of a finger from a broad, nationwide network of dentists. Beam is licensed to sell dental in all states except CT, HI, MA, ME, MT, NC, NH, RI, and Puerto Rico.

*Lower rate based on group's participation in Beam® Perks wellness program and a group aggregate Beam score of "A". Based on Beam® internal brushing and utilization data, Not all Products Available in All States.

** Beam Perks® is provided by Beam Perks LLC. Members age 4 and up at the time of enrollment are eligible to receive Beam Perks® and must select their Beam Brush color within 45 days of enrollment to participate. Beam Perks® can be obtained separately without the purchase of an insurance product by visiting Beam Perks may be changed at any time without notice. See for Terms and Conditions.

^ Members can still request a physical insurance card if preferred by calling Beam Success at 1 (800) 648-1179.

^^ Many dental plans have a waiting period for anything but preventative and diagnostic procedures. Depending on their group’s selection, members can receive any covered service as soon as their plan goes into effect.  Actual coverage and costs may vary. Check your dental plan to see what services may be covered.

& Many dental benefits providers don't cover cosmetic procedures for teeth that were extracted prior to member coverage. Beam covers most follow-up work for all prior extractions. Actual coverage and costs may vary. Check your dental plan to see what services may be covered. Recommended members submit a pre-treatment estimate.

Dental insurance product underwritten by National Guardian Life Insurance Company† (NGL), Madison, WI, marketed by Beam Insurance Services LLC. Dental policy form series numbers NDNGRP 04/06, NDNGRP 2010, and NDNGRP 2020. Dental product underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company in NY, DE (7/1/21), and ID (8/1/21).  Dental product administered by Beam Insurance Administrators LLC (Beam Dental Insurance Administrators LLC, in Texas). Not all Products Available in All States.

National Guardian Life Insurance Company, Madison, WI, is not affiliated with The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, a.k.a. The Guardian, or Guardian Life.


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