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3 Ways the Right Solution Eases Your Benefits Administration Pain Points

HR teams work tirelessly with multiple benefits vendors across multiple platforms and multiple sources of data. The complexity of benefits administration is wearing! In fact, levels of stress and burnout among HR professionals suggest that if there was ever a time to change the way you work – and leverage new technologies and vendor partnerships – that time is now.  

Understanding your benefits administration pain points and their underlying causes is an important step to finding relief where you need it most! 

Some Common Benefits Administration Pain Points to Get You Thinking 

Tactical overload  
When the benefits team is burdened with tedious and time-consuming tasks, they’re unable to focus on higher-value strategic initiatives like improving the employee experience.  

Doing “more with less” SOS!  
Smaller teams, tightening budgets, competing priorities and higher expectations from employees and the C-suite mean the pressure is on – and something’s got to give. Make sure that’s not your team’s peace of mind.  

Lacking internal expertise  
Managing specialized areas like ACA compliance, COBRA administration, billing and reporting takes time and attention to details that are best left to dedicated partners.  

Ho-hum communications metrics  
It’s frustrating and arguably a waste of resources when benefit communications don’t result in engagement, time and time again.  

Lack of program data & insights  
You need (but don’t have!) access to data to understand what’s driving health care costs, identify risks and opportunities for improvement, adjust your strategy and measure results.  

Low ROI  
Despite your best efforts to support their journey, employees struggle to understand, choose and use their benefits, resulting in disappointing outcomes. 

Select the Functionality and Services that Help Relieve Your Benefits Administration Pain Points 

Armed with insights you just uncovered, take a hard look at the capabilities of your existing benefits administration solution and decide if you’re satisfied. You may need to level up with a new partner that offers a more comprehensive range of functionality and services that deliver on these three key areas: 

1. Supports the key drivers of administrative complexity  

The right partner brings together technology and a culture of service excellence to simplify administration, drive efficiencies and enable organizations to focus on what’s most important. They can help you by fully managing:  

  • Employee communications  
  • Reporting  
  • ACA reporting  
  • COBRA administration  
  • Billing  
  • Consumer accounts  
  • Voluntary benefits 

2. Enables employees to get more value from their benefits across health and personal finances  

Expect your partner to make it easy for employees to make smarter decisions about their benefits through a connected experience across health, retirement and household savings by giving them access to:  

  • Personalized, centralized benefits hub  
  • Top-rated mobile app for convenient on-the-go access  
  • Simple enrollment experience with data-driven decision support  
  • Targeted communications to nudge employees to their next-best action  
  • Integrated care navigation – included as a standard feature  
  • Service center for call, email and 24/7 chat support 

3. Helps you harness the power of data  

Look for a partner who can help you evaluate your program effectiveness and take action for improved outcomes and lower costs through user-friendly:  

Analytics tools and services to help you:  

  • Understand what’s driving your health care costs Identify risks and opportunities for improvement  
  • Adjust your benefit strategy  
  • Measure results  
  • Additional services that attack specific areas of your health plan – such as claim errors leading to overpayments – and take proactive, cost-saving measures on your behalf 
Ready to Address Your Benefits Administration Pain Points?

Request a demo to learn how Benefitfocus can act as an extension of your benefits team to help you achieve your goals, whether you’re looking to increase engagement and satisfaction, empower your employees to choose the best plan for their needs or successfully introduce new benefits.