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Identity Theft Protection


Allstate Identity Protection, formerly known as InfoArmor, has been a leader in the employee benefits space for over 13 years. We offer the most advanced identity and privacy protection available — and more than 30% of the Fortune 500 depend on us. Now, with the launch of our new channel partnerships and the introduction of our privacy tool, Allstate Digital Footprint, we’re empowering more people to live their best lives online. Backed by a trusted name in protection, with the passion and agility of a startup, we’re committed to delivering peace of mind when people need it most.

How it helps


  • Provides critical corporate security and consistent support – shows that a company cares about its employees, reputation, and assets.
  • Identity protection was voted the number one voluntary benefit in 2018 and an estimated 63% of employers will offer it as a benefit by 2021. People are seeking protection and expertise — and we help employers provide it through employer-paid or voluntary Allstate Identity Protection benefits.

Your Employees

  • Top protection and continuous innovation – employees can look after their online activity, from financial transactions to what they share on social media, so they can protect the trail of data they leave behind.
  • Discover a powerful new approach to online privacy enabling participants to: See their personal data, manage it with real-time alerts, and protect their identity and finances from fraud.

Available Products

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Find out more about how Allstate's identity protection pro and pro plus can help you and your employees.

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