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Accident, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity


As a health services company, Cigna has the capabilities and insights to deliver a more connected approach to your overall benefits strategy. Cigna has a holistic view of health that allows us to deliver personalized, proactive support to help you and your employees be healthy, productive and more financially protected. Our customer-centered approach is designed to provide a better client and customer experience.

How it helps

When employees have a serious illness or injury, it doesn’t just affect their physical health. It could disrupt every aspect of their well-being – not to mention your organization’s productivity and bottom line. That’s why Cigna Supplemental Health Solutions don’t just stop at providing your employees with additional financial protection. They also deliver Cigna’s personalized support and value-added wellness programs and services. To help your employees and your organization bounce back whole.

Your Employees
When you have a serious illness or injury and need to be in the hospital, it’s not just a physical health setback. It’s a setback that can disrupt every facet of your life – including your mental, social and financial wellbeing. Our solution provides you with that extra helping hand you need to bounce back from your health setback so you can be whole again – body, mind and wallet.

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