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Mental Health Platform


Happify Health is a leader in mental health and wellness technology with solutions to support consumers, employers and health plans. Happify Health provides a single, digital platform that screens and supports emotional health needs, from well-being and prevention to diagnosable mental health conditions. By applying a consumer-centric design, behavioral science and gaming, Happify Health delivers an experience that is highly engaging and personalized to easily fit into users’ busy lives with 24/7 availability on any device.

How it helps


  • Breakthrough approach to engagement gets mental health support to more individuals more quickly – even those who are unaware of their needs.
  • Comprehensive set of evidence-based, digital self-care tools available.
  • Backed by randomized clinical trials and real-world evidence studies with published results.
  • Real-time reporting and measurement.

Your Employees

  • A personalized experience that meets employees where they are.
  • Adds privacy and removes stigma.
  • As easy and convenient as reaching for their phone.
  • It’s fun, safe and effective.

Available Products

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Find out more about how Happify™ Health's mental health platform can help you and your employees.

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