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Identity Theft Protection


ID Watchdog provides consumers credit monitoring to help them better protect their identity. ID Watchdog monitors for signs of fraud across credit cards, bank accounts, loans and more than 25 categories of personal information. If an employee does become a victim of identity theft, ID Watchdog will fully manage the case until it is resolved, including even pre-existing conditions. As employees are becoming more digitally dependent, identity theft protection is becoming increasingly important. More employers are adding identity theft protection services as a voluntary benefit to give their employees a greater peace of mind.

How it helps

As an employer, you’re constantly looking for ways to differentiate your organization. One way to do this is to provide employee benefits beyond just healthcare and retirement plans.

You have an opportunity to show your value to your employees by offering them services that help better protect their identity and monitor their credit. These services, in turn, will help increase employee productivity, decrease turnover and improve engagement.

Your Employees
We understand the impact identity theft can have on employees. We also recognize that current market pricing often prevents many consumers from getting the protection solutions they need.

So, we’ve created affordable identity theft and restoration services to give your employees greater peace of mind. Because identity and credit protection should be attainable for everyone.

Available Products

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Find out more about how ID Watchdog's identity theft protection can help you and your employees.

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