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Personal Loan Assistance


Kashable offers socially-responsible financing to employees as an employer-sponsored voluntary benefit. Kashable provides a low-cost financial benefit with immediate, measurable impact that helps attract and retain employees. Kashable is a lending option for employees so that they don’t have to borrow from retirement and in turn protects employees’ future and reduces administrative strain.

How it helps


  • A financial wellness benefit with immediate, measurable impact that helps attract and retain employees.
  • No risk to the company: agreements are between Kashable and the employee.
  • No cost to employers with 500+ eligible employees; minimal PEPM for employers with 300-499.
  • An alternative to borrowing from retirement; protects employees’ future and reduces administrative strain.
  • Avoid compliance and administrative issues of lending to own employees (over 20% still do…).
  • Supplement HDHP plans and deter employees from delaying medical care.
  • Simple implementation process.

Your Employees

  • In most cases a better lending option than the next-best alternative, regardless of credit.
  • A financial safety net during times of hardship.
  • Trustworthy and reliable – only option vetted by employer.
  • Ease of application due to inclusion of employment data.
  • Funds are received in as little as one business day.
  • Effortless and transparent repayment through payroll deduction.
  • Friendly and helpful customer support team of Kashable employees.

Available Products

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Find out more about how Kashable's personal loan assistance can help you and your employees.

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