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Give clients the keys to health care cost control

Get the insight you need to help your clients control rising health care costs and add value across your entire book of business.

Claims Audit & Recovery Services

Hands-off analysis and action

In addition to providing insights and guidance to help you make strategic decisions with your clients, Benefitfocus can also use the data in Health Insights to proactively take cost-saving measures on your clients’ behalf – such as identifying and recovering plan overpayments.

[Health Insights] definitely helps with customer satisfaction. It proves that we’re able to deliver on what we promise, which is tracking and improving health care cost control.

Rachel Uhrig, Senior Financial Analyst

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Proven results --


First-year savings for midsized client who implemented telemedicine program to target non-urgent ER use identified through claims analysis


Projected savings from early detection of thyroid cancer based on indicators presented through biometrics analysis


Recouped for client after negotiating additional drug manufacturer reimbursements based on analysis of name-brand prescription spending

Unlock savings for your clients

Learn how Benefitplace Health Insights can help you optimize benefit plan design, control health care costs and improve employee health outcomes for your clients.

Additional resources for Health Insights

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3 Ways for Brokers to Add Value with Health Insights

Sure, you can report on health care cost trends for employers. But can you present data in a way that drives better benefits decisions for both employers and their employees? Find out how Benefitfocus Health Analytics can help you guide your clients in shaping sustainable benefit strategies, while guiding employees to the right plans for their needs. 
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Case Study

Turning Insights into Action at Assurance Agency

The broker market is extremely competitive, making it difficult to attract and retain customers. The key for Assurance Agency to stand out in market was to prove value through the power of data. Download the case study to find out how Assurance Agency was able to drive health care cost savings with Benefitplace Health Insights. 
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