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Dental Insurance


Aetna is one of the nation’s leading diversified health care benefits companies. Aetna serves an estimated 38.8 million people, providing them with the support and resources they need to achieve their health ambitions. By aligning your health care investments with our ability to improve outcomes and the member experience, we can make the most of your greatest asset: your people.

How it helps

Comprehensive solution that aligns the entire care continuum around the individual health needs of the member and deploys both medical and dental resources in a way that maximizes value. 

  • Greater employee satisfaction due to the coordination of care decisions with coverage considerations. 
  • Better outcomes when dental and medical benefits are integrated with the DMI program resulting in improved health for members with chronic conditions. 
  • Employees who are more engaged in their dental health and better understand their dental benefits and coverages. 

Your Employees
Holistic health view with DMI program that uses dental and medical data to provide the member with information that is personalized to their own health situation and helps them make more informed decisions. 

  • Benefits that are easy to navigate with information and tools that demystify deductibles, coinsurance, copays, and coverage requirements and centralize coverage information such as deductible balances, past claims, dentist networks, etc. 
  • Single point of contact for all things related to their dental benefits. Members are provided with guidance and education on how to make the best use of their plan benefits now and in the future. 

Available Products

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Find out more about how Aetna dental insurance plans can help you and your employees.

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