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LegalEASE offers LegalGUARD, a legal insurance plan that provides employees support and protection from legal issues during unexpected life events. By offering LegalGUARD, employers can reduce the time an employee is off work due to a legal matter. With a LegalGUARD Plan, employees gain access to concierge help navigating common individual or family legal issues, access to a national network of attorneys with exceptional experience that are matched to meet their needs, and in and out-of-network coverage.

How it helps

Employees deserve to feel prepared and confident when facing a legal matter. LegalEASE has a team of member specialists who can access our advanced attorney matching technology and help navigate the right attorney with expertise for the member’s legal matter. Our concierge Member Service Center can help save the member and employer on lost time and missed work when finding the right attorney. Once enrolled, the legal insurance plan can help protect employees and their family savings from unexpected legal issues with LegalEASE’s paid-in-full legal coverage.

Your Employees
Being a LegalEASE insurance plan member can save you time by having a LegalEASE Advocate on your side to connect you to an attorney with expertise specific to your legal matter while also protecting you and your family from costly legal fees. The legal insurance plan can provide coverage for home and residential matters, consumer matters, estate planning and wills, financial matters, family and personal matters and auto/driving matters.


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