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Take control of health care costs

Get the insight you need to know what’s driving your company’s health care costs — and what you can do about it.

Rx Insights

Light the Way to Prescription Savings

Extend the power of Health Insights with Benefitplace™ Rx Insights. Through ongoing analysis of your prescription claims data and formulary, we'll identify drugs for which there is a lower-cost alternative and automate the process of getting the prescription switched for your plan members–saving you up to 15 percent on your annual pharmacy spend.

When you think about health care costs and saving money, you really have to dig into the data to find areas for improvement. The analytics in Benefitplace are great for this. Health care is confusing, so if you’ve got something like this that makes it easy, use it.

Candace Shaffer, Senior Director of Benefits
Purdue University

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Real insight. Real results.


Saved by a government customer through analysis of prescription spend that identified fraud, waste and abuse


Saved by a university through HDHP adoption driven by claims data-based decision support for employees


Saved by a manufacturer through reduction in ER use by targeting conditions identified in data analysis

Turn your claims data into cost-saving decisions

Benefitplace Health Insights can help your company control health care costs and improve employee health outcomes. Learn more.

Explore Benefitplace

Benefitplace delivers an end-to-end employee benefits solution that streamlines how you manage your entire benefits program.

Eligibility & Enrollment

Create a personalized online benefits enrollment experience that makes it easier for employees to understand and choose the right benefits.
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Administrative Services

Offload tedious administrative and compliance tasks so your team can focus on benefit strategy.
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Benefit Catalog

Enhance your benefits package with a portfolio of leading products and services that appeal to a diverse and evolving workforce.
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Billing & Payments

Simplify billing processes and help ensure accurate payments with options designed to fit your needs.
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Communication & Engagement

Connect with employees in a meaningful way to help them get the most out of their benefits—all year long.

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Data Management

Automate data exchange with HCM, payroll and benefit carrier systems to create a more seamless experience for your team and your employees.
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Health Insights

Enable proactive, data-driven decisions to help control rising health care costs, optimize benefit investments and improve employee outcomes.
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Reporting & Analytics

Measure your benefits program with a comprehensive suite of standard and custom benefits reporting tools.
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