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IE9 & IE10 Support

Benefitfocus is committed to developing web applications that implement current industry security standards. Our engineering teams consistently make use of new capabilities using modern, up-to-date browsers in order to make our platform more secure and robust. As a result, Benefitfocus has made the decision to support only browsers that provide current industry standard security and performance for users of the BENEFITFOCUS® Platform.

As of January 12, 2016, Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) or Internet Explorer (IE10), stating that customers should migrate to Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) to continue receiving security updates and technical support.


In response and to adhere to the most current, trusted security standards, Benefitfocus will no longer support Microsoft IE9 or IE10 beginning with the June 2016 release. We hope that over the past year, you have upgraded to the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE11). If your organization has applications that must run on an older version of Internet Explorer, you could leverage IE11’s crucial new feature, Enterprise Mode, which enables backward compatibility.

Microsoft states the following regarding Enterprise Mode:

“Many customers identify web app compatibility as a significant cost to upgrading because web apps need to be tested and upgraded before adopting a new browser. The improved compatibility provided by Enterprise Mode can help give customers confidence to upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer. In particular, Internet Explorer 11 lets customers benefit from modern web standards, increased performance, improved security, and better reliability.”


Enterprise Mode, unlike the Compatibility View/Mode offered with IE8 through IE10, offers a centralized preference control of the browser-rendering engine through a managed IT group policy. This new option makes it easier for IT teams to create a policy governing which internal legacy application URLs should run in Enterprise Mode. As a result, external sites and applications, like Benefitfocus, can therefore leverage the faster and more secure IE11 runtime. To download the latest version of IE, please go to

Benefitfocus is committed to meeting the demands of our clients by making our interfaces responsive on a variety of hardware and software. What this means is that in most instances, the application will continue to render and function as designed, and Benefitfocus will continue to support the Benefitfocus application. However, in the event of any errors caused by the use of a Benefitfocus or licensor non-supported web browser, Benefitfocus may not be capable of remediating any errors caused by the browser. Alternatively, if your organization depends on the use of IE 9 or IE10 and cannot upgrade to IE11, we suggest you consider offering a dual-browser strategy, which should be easier for your IT teams to deploy. The Benefitfocus Platform supports the following alternative browser options: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. Please refer to for more information.