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Short Term Disability


Aflac offers voluntary benefits that help employers protect their employees — and their bottom line — from the rising costs of health care. Aflac’s competitive voluntary insurance products can help employers control costs, and recruit and retain top talent. Outside of its comprehensive voluntary plans, Aflac also offers value-added services that provide day-one value, helping you achieve business goals as well as solve more of your employees’ everyday challenges.

How it helps

Aflac’s benefit solutions can support employers’ cost-control efforts, save time, and help recruit and retain top talent:

  • Employee engagement strategies to help employees understand what benefits they have and what they may need
  • Face-to-face, call center and self-service capabilities for any enrollment scenario
  • Seamless enrollment experience for core and Aflac products through our proprietary system or integration with leading benefits administration partners
  • Comprehensive suite of individual and group supplemental insurance products
  • Value-added services that provide additional support for employees’ health, wealth and well-being
  • Fast claims payment and prompt customer service

Your Employees
No one plans on becoming disabled. It’s just not something we typically think about. And yet, it is something that can happen to anyone. If you get sick or hurt and couldn’t work, how would you pay the mortgage? Buy groceries? Make your car payment? And all of the other bills that won’t go away just because your paycheck is gone?

That’s where the Aflac group short-term disability insurance plan can help make the difference. The difference that means you will have a portion of your income to help take care of your bills while you’re taking care of yourself.

Available Products

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Find out more about how Aflac's Short Term Disability can help you and your employees.

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