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Voluntary and Supplemental Life Insurance


The Hartford is the second-largest group life and disability insurer offering life, disability, critical illness, accident, hospital indemnity and leave management. Driven by our commitment to innovation, operational excellence and targeted support, we’re providing consumer-centric experiences, reducing implementation times and improving employee engagement for our customers. We’ve spent more than 200 years helping our customers overcome life’s challenges – and we’re just getting started.

How it helps

Life Insurance helps protect the financial futures of those who depend on an employee’s paycheck. Life insurance amounts can range from a flat dollar amount to multiples of an employee’s salary. The Hartford goes beyond the benefit with built-in value-added services to support an employee's recovery – at no extra cost to the company or the employee.

Your Employees
You never know what the future may hold. That’s the whole reason behind life insurance. It can’t fill your shoes, but it can be a comforting source of income and support for your loved ones if you can’t be there. Here are a few lifestyle scenarios to show how you can benefit from coverage:

  • Married with kids, lots of expenses: Raising children is one of life’s most cherished – and most costly – responsibilities. If you were to die tomorrow, could your family afford the same lifestyle they have today?
  • Single parent, multiple responsibilities: You’re the sole provider, the one your kids count on. It’s important to be able to care for them financially if you’re no longer there to care for them yourself.
  • Dual income, no kids: If you have two incomes, life insurance can help protect all you’ve worked hard for, as well as your spouse’s ability to maintain the same standard of living as today.
  • Growing children, aging parents: Caught in the middle? Life insurance can help you protect your kids’ financial futures and can help you look after elderly parents.
  • Single and carefree: What about your car and student loans, your credit card balances and all your other bills? Who would pay off your outstanding debt when you’re gone?

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