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Term Life


Securian’s unique brand of service has established them as a valued provider of group insurance benefits. Securian is known for their responsiveness, flexibility, personal touch and service excellence. Combining their deep knowledge of their clients’ demographics along with data analytics ensures employees have the insurance protection and financial wellness solutions that fit their needs.

How it helps


Group term life insurance provides simple, cost-effective protection for a specific period of time. It is available as an employer-provided benefit and provides a base level of protection. Basic term life insurance can complement employees’ personal savings, individual life insurance and Social Security benefits. The benefit is paid if the insured dies during the specified “term.” Typically, the “term” is considered the time period in which the employees is employed.  

Basic term life insurance offers your employees foundational protection to help meet minimum income needs in the event of a premature death. It can be an important tool to help families afford final expenses, such as funeral and medical bills, as well as day-to-day financial obligations.

Your Employees
Employees at all stages of life may have a need for life insurance.  Upon an employee’s death, life insurance can help:

  • Replace lost income
  • Pay mortgage, medical expenses or other large debts
  • Establish college funds 
  • Help family pay funeral/burial costs or probate/estate costs
  • Leave a legacy to the charities you support 

Available Products

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