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Accident, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity


At The Standard, we believe you deserve to live and work feeling confident in tomorrow.

We’re a leading provider of financial products and services, specializing in group insurance including disability, life, AD&D, dental, vision and voluntary as well as absence management services, group retirement plan products and services, and individual annuities and disability insurance.

For more than 100 years we’ve been helping people achieve financial well-being and peace of mind by showing up with a drive to put people first, provide unparalleled service backed by deep expertise. We believe you matter so we challenge ourselves to go above and beyond to serve you every day. Not as a number or a policy – but as a person.

How it helps

The Standard’s benefits pay for unexpected expenses due to an accident, serious illness or a hospital stay. Your employees can use the money for anything they choose – from co-pays and out of network treatment costs to rent, gas and groceries.

Your Employees

  • Accident - After an accident, employees may need help with costs that medical insurance doesn't pay for such as utilities, rent, college and childcare. Accident insurance pays cash benefits to employees receiving treatment for injuries.
  • Critical Illness - Employees can use the money for whatever they need during treatment or recovery. They can pay for medical expenses like copays and deductibles. They can also put the money toward living costs like utilities, groceries and childcare. The plan covers employees' children at no extra cost. There are no diagnosis waiting periods or lifetime benefit maximums.
  • Hospital Indemnity - Being in the hospital may leave employees with expenses their medical plans don't cover. Hospital Indemnity insurance pays cash benefits to employees who've been hospitalized.

Available Products

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