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Welcome to the OE Success Kit

Open enrollment (OE) is more than just two weeks out of the year. From planning and communications to activation and the evaluation, it's a year-round endeavor for you and your team. The OE Success Kit provides tools, resources and best practice guides across all areas of open enrollment to help you achieve success.


Establish your vision for open enrollment

There are many moving parts to your open enrollment campaign. Take advantage of these tools to build a solid plan that helps ensure alignment and outlines the steps necessary to achieve your vision.


Voluntary Benefits: A View from the Top

An inside look at the voluntary benefits landscape, employee participation and employer strategy.

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Open Enrollment Planning Checklist

Tips and actions you can take to set up your open enrollment campaign for success.

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Benefits & Wellness Survey

Sample questions to survey your workforce on their benefits, communication and wellness preferences.

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Developing a Winning Strategy for Open Enrollment

Explore key considerations for enhancing the entire open enrollment experience.

02 Communication

Communicate employee benefits like a marketing pro

Effective benefits communication has never been more crucial to open enrollment success. From communication theory and strategies to tactics and templates, these resources are designed to help you boost employee engagement!

Workbook: 7 Steps to Become an 'HR Marketect'

Use this DIY guide to communicate benefits like a marketing pro and connect with your employees on a personal level.


The Ultimate OE Tool Kit

The Ultimate OE Tool Kit


OE Tactics & Timeline

Determine the right mix of OE communication tactics for your organization, then build a timeline for activation.

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OE Email Templates

Grab attention while communicating complex benefit topics in a way that's easy to understand.

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OE Print Kit

Plug in your company's OE information and download themed, ready-to-use posters and flyers to kick off a successful OE.

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Social Media Tips & Tricks

Incorporate social media into an integrated OE communication strategy.

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03 Activation

Execute a flawless benefits enrollment period


03 Activation

Execute a flawless benefits enrollment period

You've planned and communicated. Now you've entered the stage where employees are making their benefit elections. These tools and resources will help you activate your plan for a smooth benefits enrollment period!

benefitfocus benefits fair box

Benefits Fair in a Box

Unpack all of the ways to get the most out of your next benefits fair. In this eBook, you'll find theme ideas, a timeline for execution and tons of best practices.

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Tip Sheet: OE Engagement Metrics

Measure and improve your open enrollment with these tips to analyze employee engagement.

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Quick Guide to Common Health Care Terms

Help employees better understand what their benefit options mean with this reference guide for common health care terms.

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Evaluate your open enrollment campaign


Was open enrollment successful? Did you achieve your goals? What metrics should you report on? Use these tools and resources to evaluate the effectiveness of your open enrollment campaign, and set yourself and your employees up for success in the coming year.