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August 20

One Place Now | Healthcare 3.0: How Technology Is Driving the Transition to Prosumers, Platforms and Outsurance

Presented by Dr. Rubin Pillay, Assistant Dean, School of Medicine, and Chief Innovation Officer, Health System, University of Alabama in Birmingham and Stephen Lance, Senior Vice President and Buyer Business Unit Leader, Benefitfocus

Over the coming decades, humanity will encounter some of the greatest transitions any generation has ever had to face. Technological disruption is reshaping every part of our lives… every business, every industry, every society, even what it means to be “human.”

Exponential technologies are on the cusp of solving some of humanity’s biggest challenges and healthcare is set to be one of the chief beneficiaries. We are already in the midst of this medical revolution driven by the convergence of exponential hardware, software, communication and biomedical technologies. There has never been a better time to resolve the cost, quality and access challenges that have plagued healthcare for the last few decades.

In this session, Dr. Pillay will explore some of the key exponential technologies that are set to impact healthcare and share his perspective on how the solutions to many of world’s most pressing health and healthcare challenges lie in the intersection of these exponential technologies.
August 25

Take a tour of Benefitplace Health Insights: Consolidated health claims data to proactively manage costs

Benefitplace Health Insights was purpose-built for HR and benefits leaders to gain control over rising health care costs and create smarter, more cost-effective strategies to improve employee health outcomes.

In this 30-minute solution tour, you’ll learn how Health Insights enables you to:

Identify and manage key health care cost drivers
Create more cost-effective health plan design and track its performance year round
Improve chronic care compliance and population health
Help employees make smarter health plan enrollment and utilization decisions
August 26

Take a tour of Benefitplace Health Insights: Consolidated health claims data to proactively manage you client's costs

Today, a broker's service commitment is far reaching. Employers look to you to advise them on how to control their health care spending and which improvements to make to their plan design.

Benefitplace Health Insights was purpose-built to support employers and their broker advisors achieve top objectives like controlling rising costs, attracting and retaining talent, and managing a healthier workforce.

In this 30-minute solution tour, you’ll learn how Health Insights delivers ease and accuracy to help brokers:

Use their clients' health claims data to identify key cost drivers
Help their clients introduce more cost-effective health plan designs
Provide insights into their clients' chronic care compliance and what areas to improve
August 27

Take a Tour of Benefitplace™: A Single-Solution for Better Benefits

The Benefitplace™ Total Solution, revealed at One Place 2020, was purpose-built to help employers deliver a simplified and personalized enrollment experience, drive year-round employee engagement and education, and get real-time transparency into the health of your data.

Through a single solution, HR and benefits leaders are empowered with the insights, tools and services they need to optimize the impact of their benefits investment.

Join our 30-minute tour of Benefitplace and be guided through the full breadth of capabilities as you learn:

How to identify and control key health care cost drivers
Which administrative task can be offloaded to free you up to focus on what really matters
How to use communications tools and services to drive high-impact employee engagement
How we improve the interoperability of your data between systems with unmatched accuracy, quality and timeliness
September 15

Health Plan Place 2020

Health plans play an important role in connecting consumers to the benefits that improve their lives – and that has never been more important. As the world continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, we invite you to an exclusive digital event for leaders from the nation's top benefit providers.

Join us to learn how Benefitfocus’ total solution, with exciting new capabilities, along with our network of trusted partners, can help you meet your business objectives in 2021 and beyond!

HLTH 2020

October 15

One Place Now | Wellbeing: An Ecosystem Approach

November 12

One Place Now | Unused Data is Useless: Build Insights and Empower Cost-Saving, Real-Time Action ​

December 10

One Place Now | 2000 – 2020: 20 Years of Benefits Innovation, with a Look to the Future ​